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  • turning on manual lathes and CNC
  • milling on manual cutters and CNC
  • grinding of surfaces, rolls, holes
  • chiseling, cutting of materials on band saws
  • cutting of steel sheets on guillotine shears
If you cooperate with us, you can be sure that your orders will be carried out by qualified specialists who use modern CNC machines and manual equipment.
We work diligently and in a timely manner. We complete orders with various levels of complexity, strictly in accordance with the customer's requirements. It will make you fully satisfied with cooperation with Sermabud, similarly as hundreds of our customers.

Industrial Automation

  • modernisation of control systems, machine automation and devices
  • replacement of control systems and power systems in older equipment
  • maintenance and diagnostics of controlling devices, operator panels and components
  • construction of production equipment, automated assembly points, production lines
  • consulting, designs, selection, installation, as-built documentation
  • stocktaking and modification of the existing documentation
Effective automation of specific production processes constitutes a necessary condition for development of industry. While carrying out tasks within the scope of industrial automation, we assisted in improving operation of many European enterprises.
Our customers appreciate our professionalism and comprehensive approach. We effectively complete complex orders including among others audits of currently used equipment, development of new solutions and their implementation. We support our partners through creating individual devices or modernising the existing ones. We also provide services comprising breakdown repairs and general renovations.

Locksmithing and welding works

  • production and assembly of steel construction structures
  • all types of modifications of steel structures
  • production and modification of containers, pipelines, elements of machines, sheet products, rails and canopies, ventilation channels, hoods
  • production and modification of platforms, bridges for machines and technological lines, mezzanines in technological premises
  • protection of facilities, fence gates, warehouse and hall gates, other
  • minor locksmithing works
Our portfolio contains hundreds of completed locksmithing and welding works with various levels of complexity. For many years, we developed high service standards which are appreciated by the most demanding companies on the market.
The quality of our services is guaranteed by experience, modern equipment and wide range of rights and licences. We hold qualification of the 1st group of facilities according to Polish norm PN-87/M-69009 to manufacture, assembly and repair welded steel structures belonging to 1, 2 and 3 class, non-alloy and high-alloy structure steels, including connections of inseparable pressure devices. We operate in accordance with Directive 97/23/EC.

Technological installations

  • designing and performance of complex installations powering production plants, power distribution, lighting of production halls, powering computer networks etc.
  • renovations and modernisation of the existing electric installations
  • periodical inspections of electric installations
  • protective and operating measurements of networks, electric equipment and installations
  • designing and performance of gas boiler rooms, as well as heating, water, canalisation, gas, fire protection, compressed air, circuit water and similar installations
  • connections to buildings
We provide comprehensive services for our partners with respect to technological installations. Our team is composed of a wide range of experts with various specialisations and competences. Therefore, we can complete all key installations for enterprises from the very beginning to the end.
We focus on learning as much as possible about the customer's situation and needs. We can advise the best solutions and implement optimum systems using cutting edge technologies. Effectiveness of our operations is confirmed by numerous certificates and a large group of satisfied customers.

Relocation of industrial equipment

  • complex relocation of entire production lines
  • transport of production equipment
  • transport of large devices
  • transport of untypical devices
  • domestic transport

  • foreign transport
Relocation of industrial machines and equipment is a task for specialists. We can handle comprehensive logistics, prepare machines for transport and then launch all machines and devices at their destination location.
We have transported hundreds of machines, not only within the territory of Poland, but also abroad (among others in India and South Korea). 




Technology based on experience
While establishing Sermabud twenty years ago, we chose the slogan: professionals for professionals. Currently, after completing hundreds of orders and cooperating with hundreds of customers, we still stick to those words. We use all efforts so that our services and products are characterised with top quality and our work is professional and punctual.
We regularly implement new technologies, develop our machine park and dynamically follow market requirements.
We also focus on qualified and competent staff members who regularly improve their skills.
Customer satisfaction and recommendations are the best confirmation that we are following the right way.


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REGON: 07212710900000
Account No.: 59 1140 1049 0000 4574 2700 1001
Bank: mBank S.A. Oddział Bielsko-Biała
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Chief Operating Officer
Piotr Chłodek
Project manager
Sławomir Chmielniak
Toolshop manager
Jarosław Nadkański
Sales specialist
Sławomir Konior
Electric works manager
Marek Pietraszko
Automation manager
Kamil Holerek
Doc. tech., ordering and purchasing specialist
Maciej Krupa

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